Just Notify of Events Application - Update History


Update History

  1. [2015.03.23] Ver 1.8.3 Release
    1. Fixed bug when editing events.

  2. [2015.03.18] Ver 1.8.2 Release
    1. When you sync Google Calendar first time, The app targeted all events. It was changed to target events from one month ago.

  3. [2015.03.18] Ver 1.8.1 Release
    1. Fixed bug about function that auto set to "Finished".

  4. [2015.03.16] Ver 1.8.0 Release
    1. Added a function that auto set to "Finished" past events. (for premium users)

  5. [2013.12.30] Ver 1.7.1 Release
    1. Fixed bug about advertising.

  6. [Dec.07.2013] Ver 1.7.0 Release
    1. Added a tool button to switch visibility of the edit panel.
    2. Added a kind of regular event what (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th) Weekday of each Month.
    3. Default value of days to notify was changed from 7 to last input value.
    4. Fixed some bugs.

  7. [Sep.26.2013] Ver 1.6.2 Release
    1. Fixed bug that application failed to start if it updated version from 1.5.1 or less.

  8. [Sep.23.2013] Ver 1.6.1 Release
    1. Fixed Bug about timing to start updating Live-panel and auto synchronizing with calendar service.

  9. [Sep.12.2013] Ver 1.6.0 Release
    1. Added a function to synchronize with Calendar.
    2. Fixed synchronization bug with Google Calendar.
    3. Added a function to auto synchronize once a day.

  10. [June.18.2013] Ver 1.5.1 Release
    1. Added a function 'Remove all past events' on view to edit single events.
    2. Added a process to show toast notifications when you have new notifications.

  11. [Apr.25.2013] Ver 1.5.0 Release
    1. Added option to select if you want to remove it also from Google Calendar when you remove a event.
    2. Added column "protect" to single events.
    3. Added option to hide finished events of list.
    4. Change column from "It was finished." to "exclude from notifications." on Regular Events.
    5. Fixed Bug that input values were not cleared when you switched between panel and list on view.

  12. [Mar.06.2013] Ver 1.4.0 Release
    1. Changed references from "Language" to "Home location" to determine the user country and holidays.
    2. New support holidays of following countries.
      • Australia
      • Canada
      • United Kingdom
    3. Fixed Bug that website had been opened always in Japanese when you taped "License Agreement", "Privacy Policy" or "Inquiries and Requests" on the Settings charm.
    4. Changed process of initializing an advertisement to be executed only once when starting the application.
    5. Modified process of synchronizing with Google Calendar. If error occurred only the event is skipped .
    6. Divided application preferences file into two files that is for events or for settings.
    7. Modified input interface to register Regular Events. It became that cannot input an incorrect date. (example Feb.31)

  13. [Feb.18.2013] Ver 1.3.1 Release
    1. The package name was modified to be displayed in multiple languages.

  14. [Feb.16.2013] Version 1.3.0 Release
    1. i18n version Release (en-us)


  15. [Nov.16.2012] Ver 1.0.0 Release